All your data in the cloud.

Access your admin functions from anywhere, including real-time player stats, current in/out flow and betting lines.

Multiple currency support.

Collect and payout in Euro, US Dollars. CDN Dollars, AUS Dollars, Japanese Yen, Mexican Pesos and Rupees.

Ready for Mobile.

Our desktop platform is great, but so is our mobile app. Research suggests that over 74% of people gamble on smartphones.


Our software is secure, user-friendly and at the cutting edge.



Discover why Scrimware is the best solution for your business.

A full-service solution.

We offer a turn-key solution including after-sales support, consultation and professional odds-makers.
Bespoke services are also available - talk to us.

Easy integration.

Plug our platform directly into your existing betting software. There’s no custom development required.
The decision is a no-brainer

All the latest titles.

If you don’t have what’s hot, you have nothing. We host tournament play for all the classics as well as up and coming multiplayer games.

Live scores and stats.

Scrimware includes important statistics tables on all matches - important ones like First Blood, Head-to-Head, Kill/Death Ratio, Win/Loss Percentage and more.

Manual or automatic?

You decide. We offer the ability to import odds from trusted external sources, but you can also create your own lines from your admin panel if you want to get creative or offer something unique.

Costs down, profit up.

With Scrimware’s plaform traimming the fat from your operation you can expect to keep more of your proceeds. Our administration interface makes running your E-Sports wagering business simple.

Fully immersive.

We realize that not all bettors are familiar with E-Sports, so we provide an experience which allows them to watch current games, see the outcomes of those matches as well as a full suite of stats. The result is a very bet-stimulating environment.

Seamless interface.

Our API allows for seamless integration across all devices, without changing your website’s look. To your regular visitors, E-Sports will simply be a new and exciting opportunity to place wagers, not a gateway to the unfamiliar.

Iron-clad security.

Cheating and game exploits ruin the fun (and betting odds) for everyone, so we are extremely vigilant when it comes to ensuring that all participants are on a level playing field. Each game is tested extensively before it is made available for wagering.


Risk management.

Risk management comprises not one tool, but an entire arsenal designed to protect you and your clients from unfair tactics, improperly-set odds and in-game exploitations.

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Payment management.

Software provided will allow players to transfer funds to and from their electronic wallet via al supported payment mechanisms - including (but not limited to): point of sale terminals, online ACH deposit, credit card and bank transfer.

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Player account management.

Players can create accounts, fund accounts, wager, receive winnings and withdraw funds from their accounts. All prospective account holders will be subject to sophisticated age and identification verification.

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